Key Success Factors

Our outstanding track record speaks for itself to our investors, and in this section we want to share what truly is at the heart and soul of our firm. We are documenting APF Properties’ Key Success Factors that lead to our value creation in three ways:

Outstanding Track Record

In our Outstanding Track Record section we present case studies that document how diligent acquisitions, space upgrades and reconfigurations, leasing campaigns, rebranding, and other actions have improved our buildings thereby creating tremendous value for our investors.

Visible Value Creation

In our “Before and After” photograph series we provide visuals to document how our pro-active approach to management as exemplified in building upgrades has contributed to our value creation.

Sustainable Building Practices

We demonstrate in our Sustainable Building Practices Section that we create better and more sustainable workspace environments for our tenants. Our focus is also on reducing water and energy use in our buildings and we are proud of our demonstrated success in these areas. Rather than just claiming these merits we can support these achievements through independent outside LEED Building and Energy Star Certifications.