Our Ecosystem

The APF ecosystem

APF is a highly specialized firm, organized around delivering value through satisfying the needs of mid-sized and small tenants.

Satisfied tenants lead to rewarded investors and motivated brokers in a virtuous circle, supported by the core offering of APF Properties.

Our key stakeholders

  • Rewarded Investors
  • Satisfied Tenants
  • Motivated Brokers


With an unrivaled understanding of the needs of mid-sized and small tenants, APF Properties is organizationally adapted to deliver labor intensive service. With the best resources focused on serving this mid-sized and small tenant segment, APF Properties achieves excellent rates of tenant satisfaction and retention.


With an extensive portfolio of complementary buildings, we help the brokers find the right space for every tenant, responding to any proposal in 48 hours, structuring leases to meet tenant needs and embracing an entrepreneurial approach to making deals where others might encounter road blocks.


We understand how to extract value from acquiring, repositioning, leasing and managing office buildings, tenanted with mid-sized and small organizations. Principals maintain significant ownership stakes in all investments and bring an unrelenting work ethic where we never rest on our laurels. We strive to be fair and straightforward, yet do not overextend ourselves, sticking to what we know.

Our proposition


APF Properties offers a mix of pre-war to new construction buildings with the flexibility to accommodate the evolving business needs of mid-sized and small tenants.

The properties are clustered around transportation hubs, have floorplates of up to 20,000 square feet and offer a high-standard for tenant improvements.



Shared amenities offer efficiency benefits and promote a sense of community. APF Properties offers tenant lounges, conferences rooms, wellness offerings, bike rooms, showers, desirable places to eat and drink onsite, indoor and outdoor open spaces and proximity to parks. Amenities enhance the APF Properties proposition for mid-sized and small tenants.


APF Properties offers relevant, bespoke service at every touchpoint to ease the tenant experience, including:

  • In-house property management
  • In-house tenant services team
  • In-house legal services
  • In-house architectural design services
  • In-house construction management
  • Additional à la carte and complimentary services


Managing Partners Kenneth Aschendorf and Berndt Perl take part in every step on acquisitions due diligence, are involved in every lease negotiation, and supervise the property management activities.


We pride ourselves on an agile approach that puts tenants’ needs ahead of organizational constraints. We embrace technology to deliver enhanced service to our tenants and quickly adapt buildings to meet evolving standards. More importantly, we have an innovation mindset that means we are always looking for ways to improve.